Laura Anunnaki

Laura Anunnaki is a Mexican tattoo artist known around the world for her peculiar tattoos full of glitter and bright colors.

Laura is a self-taught artist who started her career as a tattoo artist in 2015 but has been an artist since a very young age. She always had a huge love for tattoo, actually she come in the tattoo world getting tattooed like most people, but she had a problem, due to her personality and her interior artist she had demands that the tattoo industry could not satisfy, so she started to design tattoos for herself and her friends, and is how she started to get support for her learning from some tattoo artists and then she earned a place in the industry.

She studied Graphic Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, is an illustrator, currently designer and co-owner of Laura KiraKira. Laura KiraKira is a brand of lifestyle where she expresses her art in different products.

Her tattoos are full of vibrant colors and sparkles, they are tender, very sparkly, beautiful and sometimes a little bit more dark. Her style can be clearly seen a mixture of Japanese kawaii culture, referring to the magical girls and the Mexican culture, where all those colors come from, a touch of brightness, feminine and powerful characters, precious stones, light effects and fantastic elements, including several techniques and tattoo styles that result in a very unique and distinctive style, reflect of her personality and is instantly recognizable everywhere.

You can always see her style continues to evolve over time, continually improving her style, but her personal stamp remains intact. "I do not want to feel stocked and I want to push myself every day to give the best of me to people who trust their bodies," she says.

She likes to travel a lot, since 2016 she travels around the world attending numerous tattoo conventions and some of the most prestigious international tattoo shows in the industry in Europe, Asia and South America mainly. She loves learn new things from each place and the artists she met. She has also collaborated with many tattoo studios around the world, and currently works in Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Mexico, France and England.