*.✦ Laura Anunnaki ✦.*


Hi there! I'm Laura Anunnaki, the artist, designer and creative director behind this brand. Laura Anunnaki  is a lifestyle brand where I express my art in different products.
I am  a Mexican tattoo artist known around the world for my peculiar tattoos full of glitter and bright colors.
I am a self-taught artist who started her career as a tattoo artist in 2015 but I developed my artistic skills since a very young age. I always had a huge love/obsession for tattoo and cute but also creepy things. I started getting into the tattoo world getting tattooed like most people, but I had a problem, due to my personality and my interior artist I had demands that the tattoo industry could't satisfy, so I started to design tattoos for myself and my friends,  that's how I started to get support for my learning from some local tattoo artists and with time and effort I started earning a place in the tattoo industry.
I studied Graphic Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico for a few semesters, where I got different skills and knowledge to apply later to my tattoo artwork and now to my store, but then I became an desing school dropout since school never was my thing, I feel better studying and learning by myself, since it gives me faster results and keeps me creative and happy! ♡
My tattoos are full of vibrant colors and glitters, they can be super cute and very sparkly, but sometimes they can be a little bit more darker and creepy. I love contrasts and extremes, dark and light, love and hate, life and death and the thing that I love the most is mixing them. My style can be clearly seen a mixture of Japanese kawaii culture, referring to the magical girls, japanese food and anime themes and then there is the Mexican culture, where all those colors come from, a touch of brightness, feminine and powerful characters, plus precious stones, light effects and fantasy an whimsical elements, including several techniques and tattoo styles that result in a very unique and distinctive style, reflect of my personality that  is instantly recognizable everywhere.
You can always see my style evolving trough the years, continually trying to improving my style, but my personal stamp remains intact. I do not want to feel stocked and I want to push myself every day to give the best of me to people who trust me. 
I love changes so as I love traveling, since 2016 I started traveling around the world attending numerous tattoo conventions and some of the most prestigious international tattoo shows in the industry in Europe, Asia and South America mainly but of course I'm looking forward to visit more places in multiple countries. I love that it appasionates me learning new things from each place, how different can be the tattoo industry in each city or country and of course meeting new friends who always teach me a different vision of life.
I collaborated with many tattoo studios around the world, and I currently work in Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Mexico, France and England, so keep an eye on my social media to don't miss out where I'll be next time!
 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to keep growing and to be able to develop my art trough a new project, I hope I can be able to keep bringing my creations to life through your love and  support!